Alex’s Haunted Blog Intro


Welcome to the introduction of “Alex’s Haunted Blog”. I’m going to use this opportunity to brief everyone on what they can expect from future postings. I hope you will like what you see and we can share many dark and stormy nights together.

Foremost, I don’t consider myself a professional on the subject of paranormal activity. Next, although I have experienced psychic phenomena, I don’t consider myself psychic. Most important, I do believe in paranormal activity; however, I’m not the type who considers every bump in the night to be paranormal. For a case to be paranormal, all rational possibilities must be debunked.

So, you might ask yourself, why does this blog exist? This guy doesn’t claim to be a professional. He isn’t a psychic. Also, he isn’t willing to blame all disturbances on the paranormal.

This blog exists because I believe we all have experiences with the unknown. Experiences occur, regardless if one considers themselves a professional, a psychic, or a skeptic. In addition, this blog also exists to remove glamorous titles, names that get tossed around the paranormal community and capitalized on. It is to centralize experiences into a basic common ground for the everyday person. However, I am not discrediting anyone who claims psychic ability. Yet, I am stressing all persons have a gift, and one doesn’t have to achieve a label to have experiences.

I expect and hope for this blog to gain followers. I also expect people to say that my personal experiences and photos are hoaxes. That’s fine, it’s going to happen. Still, I will be frank about my experiences. I will share what I know. I will on occasion reveal photos that I have taken in their raw, untouched format. What you believe is your decision.

Already, I expect disagreements. I expect this due to blogs that will elaborate on my philosophies and séance techniques. I speculate that stronger disagreements will arise about Ouija board usage and how I dismiss the cliché that every haunting is caused by a demon.

Although discussion posts are welcome, I’m not easily swayed, due to my personal experiences. I’m not argumentative, except when one disrespects the dead. Feel free to respond to posts, and when you do, be courteous to myself and other commenters. Just keep in mind, everyone’s methods are different. Everyone’s philosophies are different.

I will try to post new blogs at the beginning of every month. If there is a specific subject someone has in mind, please post about it in the comments. In time, I will write a blog based on that subject. If I’m uncertain about a subject, I will research it and try to provide accurate information. If you wish to remain anonymous, email me at the following link regarding my newsletter.

If you would care to sign up for my newsletter, just click the following link and fill out the form. Newsletters are monthly and will feature horror reviews, paranormal blogs, giveaways, and more.



One thought on “Alex’s Haunted Blog Intro

  1. I think this is all so professional. It’s very interesting. I love it all. Best Wishes 🙂


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