How to Correctly Operate an Ouija

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So, you want to play with an Ouija? If so, there are ways to narrow down the chances of contacting negative entities. First and foremost, the Ouija is not a game. It is a tool utilized to communicate with loved ones who are no longer physically with us. It should not be utilized as a joke or entertainment.

For the last decade I have conducted Ouija work and investigations. Throughout that period, I can count on one hand the times something negative has occurred. More times than not, Ouija work has provided closure, understanding, and peace if operated correctly. To break the evil stigma of Ouija boards, and to prevent others from negative experiences, this blog will detail how to correctly operate an Ouija. Also, I will elaborate on what can happen when an Ouija isn’t utilized properly and how to rid one’s home of negative entities.

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What One Should Do When Conducting an Ouija Session:

1. Determine who you would like to contact. (Friend or family only)

2. Nearby the Ouija, supply a photo of the deceased and a personal item that belonged to them. To show respect, present an offering of something they enjoyed while they were alive. Offerings can include, but are not limited to, cigarettes, drink, snack, or flowers.

3. Dress a white candle with virgin olive oil and ask that it release positive energy. Next, ask for the power of Saint Michael to protect you. Although this isn’t necessary, one can open a psychic bubble of protection.

4. Smudge the room and each person with sage, asking that the smoke purify and protect.

5. Dim the lights, join hands with other guests, and say the Lord’s Prayer.

6. Now that you’re protected, ask to speak with your loved one by first and last name.

7. When finished, close with the Lord’s prayer.

While conducting Ouija work, one can also include techniques used in a paranormal investigation. CLICK HERE TO LEARN INVESTIGATION PHILOSOPHIES AND TECHNIQUES.

What One Shouldn’t Do When Conducting an Ouija Session:

1. Using the Ouija is not a joke. If a guest mocks the spirit, pushes the planchette, or insists this is fake, ask them to stop. If they remain disrespectful, ask them to leave. Their presence could invite negative entities into the session. My best advice is not to invite a person who one already knows is disrespectful.

2. Don’t enter a session asking, “Are there any spirits here who would like to speak?” Ask specifically for the spirit you want to contact. Otherwise, asking a question this open is dangerous. It’s similar to entering a chat room full of strangers and asking if anyone wants to hang out.

3. Never give your last name. If the spirit has disguised itself, and is negative, it can reveal one’s own dirt.

4. Never part ways without thanking the spirit for communication and Saint Michael for protection.

What One May Experience During an Ouija Session:

1. A change in room temperature, such as drafts of cool air.

2. Disembodied knocking that comes in sets.

3. Fragrances that the deceased loved in life.

4. Drowsy or energy drained. If this occurs, it’s the spirit that has exhausted your energy to manifest. To recuperate, go to bed.

5. Becoming emotional. I call my Ouija table, “The Table of Tears,” due to the quantity of people who have cried during our sessions.




The Cat and the Toad

In my decade of Ouija operating, I have had few negative experiences. The only reason for these episodes was due to me not knowing how to manage the board.

The worst circumstance regarded an entity, which identified itself as a demon. Considering how willing it was to reveal its name, I have my doubts. Rather I think it was a negative spirit with demonic knowledge. Exorcism research shows demons rarely reveal their names, unless forced into a corner. Furthermore, the chances of an entity being demonic is rather slim. Yet, these facts didn’t improve the circumstance.

The events prior to this session occurred at a friend’s house, who we will call “X”. One night, when we were hanging out, X explained she and multiple friends had seen a white cat running through her house. Considering she didn’t own a white cat, I immediately became intrigued. In the past, I had heard of animal hauntings and haunted animals. Until now, I never thought I would encounter such a unique opportunity.

After learning of the phantom cat, I relayed the information to my mother, who first introduced me to the paranormal. However, at that time, she was just as inexperienced as myself with an Ouija. Following a brief debate, we decided this would be a good opportunity to learn. I called X and explained we wanted to investigate the situation with an Ouija. Sounding like a good idea, X said, “Let’s do it.”

It was a Friday night in February when we arrived at X’s house with the Ouija. Here, X took us to a room where the white cat was seen on multiple occasions. With a mixture of nervousness and excitement, we set up the board, lit a few candles, and turned off the light.

The session began by us inquiring if any spirits would care to communicate. At first, the planchette was hesitant then it began gliding across the board. A few questions later, the planchette gained momentum. Through questioning, we discovered a male spirit was attached to the property.

Minutes later, the spirit began contradicting itself. Next, it developed the antics of a practical jokester and boasted it had been lying to us. By this revelation, my stomach dropped with a mixture of fear, confusion, and disappointment. Judging by the looks on everyone’s face, I wasn’t the only one who felt this way.

Although our better judgment insisted we stop, an overpowering vibration urged otherwise. Returning to square one, we asked again for the spirit to identify itself. In response, it claimed it never existed in human form. Next, the planchette revealed the number 66 and the name Baal.

Deciding we weren’t qualified for this, we ended the session and prayed for protection. Included in our prayer, we asked that the spirit depart from X’s property. When finished, we turned on the light then sat dumbfounded. Each of us questioning ourselves and our experience. The cat, the number 66, and Baal – none of this made sense to us.

Since we were entering the new age of smart phones, X and I began research. As we opened up our browsers, we didn’t expect to find anything substantial. Yet, to our surprise, demonology explained Baal presented himself in the form of a toad or white cat. Furthermore, he is a Duke of Hell with 66 legions of demons under his command.

By learning this information, chills raced throughout me. We all looked to one another, wide eyed and stiff with tension. Not knowing how to proceed, Mom and I suggested X to contact a professional. Until then, we suggested prayer and for her to raise her positive vibrations. (Raising positive vibrations can be easily accomplished by laughing, listening to upbeat music, singing, etc.)

On the drive home, something oppressive weighed down on me. Instead of worrying about any long-term damage, I considered I still felt on edge from the session. In the passing days, I began experiencing a mixture of anxiety and depression. In the passing nights, I began sleeping with a lamp on, feeling too intimidated to sleep in the dark.

As a month progressed, my home, which always felt welcoming, changed. In a short time, its positive vibrations shifted to negative. The warmth of my home diminished into the cold shell of a house. During this period, I never saw a white cat. However, most nights when anxiety levels were their worst, I would step outside for a cigarette and find a toad sitting near my doorstep. Since it was the spring, I didn’t consider its presence unusual.

From February through March, the negativity increased each day. There were moments the void grew so overbearing that I would open all windows, doors, and curtains, to allow in natural light. At first, this helped. But the sunlight was nothing more than a temporary bandage. The change in atmosphere continued to increase, causing friends to shorten their lengthy visits. Each of which claimed the house felt tight and heavy.

Realizing none of this was normal, and this wasn’t just a trick of my emotions, I had an epiphany. But I couldn’t be certain of my assumptions, until I received verification. To support my conclusion, I called X and asked how things were. X explained there were no more problems on her end. That moment was when I realized the negative entity followed me home.

Now understanding what troubled me, I explained the circumstance to my mother. Unbeknownst to me, she had been speaking with a friend who was a catholic priest. As a precaution, he provided her with the following exorcise to eliminate evil spirits. Some call this, “The Epiphany Blessing of a Home,” others call it, “The Chalking of a Door”.

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1. At one’s front and back doors, make the sign of the cross.

2. Head of the Household recites: Peace be to the house and all who dwell here, in the name of the Lord.

3. All recites: Blessed be God forever.

4. Head of the Household recites John 1:1-5

5. Use white chalk, write on the outside of your house, near both front and back doors.

(Write first half of the current year)


(Write the other half of the year)

One can also write this as: +20+C+M+B+18

These words mean, “May Christ bless this house.”

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Or, one could use the names of the Magi.

(Write first half of the current year)


(Write the other half of the year)

One can also write this as: +20+C+M+B+18

6. All recite: Lord God of heaven and earth, you revealed your only begotten Son to every nation by the guidance of a star. Bless this house and all who inhabit it. May we be blessed with health, goodness of heart, gentleness and the keeping of your love. Fill us with the light of Christ that our love for each other may go out to all. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

After preforming the prayer near my front and back doors, the problems began to decrease. Within days, my house simply opened back up. Visitors who didn’t know of the paranormal activity, or prayer, instinctively felt the difference. As their visits lengthened, one friend commented, “I don’t know what you’ve done, but your home feels more open. It’s like there’s more space to breathe.”

The toad never returned to my doorstep.


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The Table of Tears

The above experience shows the aftermath of an unskilled session. However, entering a skilled session can provide the opposite. By correctly operating the Ouija, one can achieve closure, understanding, and peace.

As previously stated, I call my Ouija table, “The Table of Tears”. Over the years, it has earned this name due to the tears shed during our skilled sessions. Despite the name drawing negative assumptions, its backstory is anything but.

Numerous times when people have cried at my Ouija table, they have done so due to receiving understanding, closure, or peace from their deceased loved one. Without focusing on one specific account, but a few, I have seen participants offer and grant forgiveness due to unresolved issues. Other times, they have reminisced with their contacted spirit. Yet, no matter what occurs, may it be forgiveness or reminiscing, information is always gained.

When speaking with a deceased friend or family member through the Ouija, one will know it is them. Not only is it a feeling, but the spirit will utilize spelling and lingo that one can recognize. Also, the spirit will utilize familiar nicknames, reference their old sayings, and display an unchanged humor and personality. These clues will confirm one is speaking to their preferred contact.

As one can see, the Ouija does have positive and negative aspects. Primarily, the results depend on those who participate and the knowledge of what one is doing. Although the Ouija has a negative reputation, I feel positive if one follows the rules, problems shouldn’t arise.


Side Notes:

Don’t feel surprised if there is no response on the first try, or other times when using the board. This can be normal, as it is the spirit who chooses to speak with us when we call. More times than not, one should receive a response.

I don’t assume responsibility for anyone who attempts an Ouija session. One should operate the Ouija at their own risk.

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  1. What a great article with a lot of useful information. I hate that they sell Ouija Boards as games. They really should be taken more seriously and used properly, which is what this wonderful blog post is all about.


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