Signs from Beyond the Grave


Many spirits have unfinished business. Sometimes that business is for themselves. Other times, that business regards one’s own wellbeing. More often than not, it’s for an emotional wellbeing. No matter, every case is different, and every case requires special attention.

When someone close to me has passed away, I have learned to pay attention to the signs they provide. Sometimes, the deceased will relay messages in dreams. Other times, their signs can be physical and blunt, or symbolic. Rather than be dismissive to signs, or run in fear, it’s better to pay attention and rationalize.

In this blog, I will provide examples of paranormal signs. Also, I will explain how one can determine if the spirit creating these signs is at peace or restless. Included are two personal experiences that shows the positive and negative.

The Difference Between a Happy and Unhappy Spirit


In my personal experience, I have learned that determining the difference isn’t difficult. If a spirit can present signs regarding their afterlife adjustment, they will occur soon after their death. In the past, I have noticed unhappy spirits are physically destructive to inanimate objects. Opposite of this, happy spirits provide peaceful visions, smells, and scenarios.

Positive Signs Include: Familiar aromas or symbols. (Symbolism can include something that the living can associate with the deceased. These can include, but are not limited to: songs, insects, birds, animals, numbers, flowers, coins, etc.) Symbols can occur in two instances. One is the symbol that represents something the deceased adored in life. Another instance might not reflect something the deceased adored. Rather this instance is something that has a spiritual significance.

If symbolism occurs that one cannot connect to the deceased, research the symbol’s spiritual significance.

Negative Signs Include: Destruction of a personal item. Sometimes, this can be something that the deceased held dear. Other times, it can be the destruction of something big enough to gain attention. No physical or emotional harm should come to the living when this occurs.

Both Signs Might Include: Dreams and gut instincts. If the spirit is strong enough, they might materialize.

The Unhappy Spirit


In 2017, a friend of mine, who later became an acquaintance, passed away. We will call her X. Since elementary school, she and I had been friends. Later, throughout our teenage years, we became inseparable and we developed a platonic, unconditional love. Yet, our bond ended during adulthood.

Days after her father’s funeral, she reconnected with a guy who we will call F. From the start, F displayed signs of an abusive and controlling personality. Although X would normally listen to me about bad ideas, she didn’t hear me out about avoiding F.

A few months passed and X and I had fallen out of touch. Then one day, for no apparent reason, she contacted me, saying that she and F wanted to visit and spend the night. Without hesitation, I invited them over for the weekend. When they arrived that Friday evening, everything started well. Little did I know the following day would change everything.

Saturday morning, X and F entered my kitchen as I finished preparing our breakfast. Once we sat and began eating, I expected small talk until the coffee kicked in. However, they surprised me. The morning topic they instigated was a sermon about how I was going to burn in Hell for being gay and I needed to repent. In response, I kept my cool, allowed them to eat, and we parted ways when they finished.

After they left, text messages followed their departure. A rambling of myself telling X that I didn’t deserve this disrespect. Furthermore, if they couldn’t respect me for who I was, I didn’t need them in my life. A few minutes later, a lifelong friendship ended.

Years passed, and one day X contacted me via Myspace, saying she wanted to meet. Despite how she hurt me, and how I hold a grudge, I swallowed my pride and decided a brief meeting might be good. Without inviting her to my home, I met her at a late-night diner.

Upon seeing her, my first impression insisted she was an abused wife. I asked if she wanted to speak about anything, and she knew I was referencing her condition. X said, “Yeah,” then avoided speaking of her abuse. Instead, she elaborated about how happy she was and how she had become a mother. This shocked me. In the past, doctors said she would be unable to bare children due to diabetic and pancreatic issues. Seeing how she avoided the subject, I didn’t pry any further.

We wouldn’t speak again until years later, when she contacted me via Facebook. In our email exchange, we engaged in small talk. Displaying tenacity, she pressed that she wanted us to hang out. Not feeling comfortable, I made excuses. Then one random day, she appeared at my workplace, and as fate would have it, my morning break began. Rather than avoiding her any further, I invited her to sit with me, which she did.

For the first time, since our friendship ended, she apologized. Considering how time heals wounds, I forgave her. Still, I decided we weren’t going to rekindle our old friendship.

A moment of awkward silence passed, then she opened up about her married life. Without interrupting her, she explained during early marriage, F had lured her into a religious cult. The church they attended was constructed of F’s relatives, most of whom sounded just as insane as F. Once inducted as a church member, she wasn’t allowed to converse with those outside the congregation.

The good news was, she finally filed for divorce and she was gaining custody of their children. With my break drawing near an end, X admitted there was more to tell. Unable to continue conversing at that time, I explained we would have to speak more at a later date. She seemed pleased with that response.

As we walked back inside, she expressed she wanted us to coauthor a “tell all” book about her time with the church. I said “Sure.” Not knowing if she lied about her experiences, I shrugged her off without intending to collaborate.

While not wanting to become too emotionally involved, I avoided her. Still, she was persistent in her texts and emails. Each one I read at my own leisure and I responded when I felt strong enough. The last time we spoke was through an email she sent. The contents of which expressed she wanted us to return to a platonic, unconditional love. I explained that I was sorry, and we could meet on occasion, but the relationship we once had was over. She said she understood.

A month later, I received a call from a friend who said X had died due to her diabetes. Unbeknownst to me, X and F had been going to court since their breakup in regards to F abusing their children. Eventually, to my horror, through X’s brother, I also discovered X had known of the abuse. However, due to her compliance in court, she received a reduced sentence. Word had it, her sentence would receive a greater reduction if she turned herself in, which she did. On the day she turned herself in, her diabetes went into overdrive, resulting in a heart attack.

In my own way, I mourned for her, her children, and myself. I also suffered mixed emotions. Should I hate X? Should I feel sorry for her? Should I tap into my unconditional love and forgive her? I didn’t know, but the confusion tore me apart.

Days later, after receiving this information, my home went insane. When my morning started, I walked into the living room. Upon opening the curtains, I saw both living room window blinds had been yanked down. I didn’t think anything of it, maybe they fell during the night. If they did, I never heard them. Being late for work, I decided I would deal with them that evening.

As the day progressed, I went to work and later excused myself for a crying fit. After calming myself, I returned inside and discovered my partner had texted me. Although he didn’t hear or witness it, the light pole in my library had fallen from its placement and struck the floor. Also, the cabinet beside the lamp was open. If the lamp had struck the furniture to cause its opening, the cabinet remained undamaged.

Due to previous episodes with unhappy spirits, I realized a restless spirit was in my home. Due to my gut instinct, I believed the spirit was X and she needed to tell me something. Before the situation escalated, I excused myself from work and rushed home. After tidying up the mess, I cleared off my schedule and blocked the world out.

With nowhere to turn for answers, I pulled out my tarot cards. Since I had multiple questions, and tarot cards can provide detailed insight, I knew I needed to document.

First, I took a notebook, and at the top of each page, I wrote down a question regarding X and the loose ends that haunted me. Doing this would allow me to write down a lengthy response for each question. It would also serve as a great reference for a later analysis.

Next, over the upcoming hours, the tarot spreads unfolded, one question at a time. With each secret revealed, I immediately wrote down the answer to its corresponding question. Once I received all I needed, and I had direction, it was time to investigate.

Between her brother, and a mutual friend who she lived with after she escaped F, I explained what I did and why I did it. One at a time, I reviewed the questions and answers I obtained. Among us, we shared a conversation that would have been nonexistent if it hadn’t been for the signs and the readings.

In our conversations, her brother was able to confirm some of the answers I received. For what he was unable to confirm, our mutual friend attested to the rest. In my reading, I inquired why X allowed the child abuse to persist. Among her brother and myself, we had no clue how to feel about that circumstance. However, the reading I preformed urged she was unable to act against the abuse due to fear.

When speaking of this subject, and what the cards revealed, our mutual friend explained that X confided in him. In the conversation he shared with her, more than just her husband was guilty, and she feared for her life. At last, her brother and I felt relief. X wasn’t guilty for what had transpired after all. I considered the signs she provided, the tarot readings, and our conversation. I think X’s unfinished business regarded information. She needed us to know that the abuse wasn’t her fault due to fearing for her life.

Days later, X’s brother explained the children she bared with F were placed into a good home.

That following Halloween, I contacted X by the Ouija board. She explained she blamed no one for her death. I asked if she was responsible for the destructive signs prior to the card readings. She confirmed she was. I inquired, “Why?” She answered she didn’t want anyone to think she would allow child abuse. The final question I asked was if her children were truly in a good place and if she was finally happy. She replied yes to both.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

If you, or someone you know, is suffering from abuse, get help. There are tons of sources who can assist those being victimized. In my searches, I have found the phone number for The National Domestic Violence Hotline. Although I am not affiliated with this hotline, their toll-free number is open 24/7 for all sufferers of domestic abuse.

For Your Convenience:

The National Domestic Violence Hotline
Toll Free: 1-800-799-7233

The Happy Spirit


When my Great Aunt Carrie passed away, it was a shock to everyone. The day was December 21, 2008 and it began unusual. That afternoon, I awoke late to my IPod dock turning on. Although I had never set it to alarm mode, I thought nothing about it. Maybe I had accidently hit a button the night before that triggered its function.

I lay in bed, listening. The song that played was from the new album, “The Dream” by In This Moment. I had downloaded the album onto my IPod a few days ago and hadn’t the chance to listen to its entirety. Without thinking anything unusual, the current track was one I had yet to hear, “Into the Light.” (For those who have never heard this song, it is a beautiful track about death.) Dismissing the occurrence, I decided that night I would unplug my IPod dock before bed to insure uninterrupted sleep.

That evening, my parents and I were getting dressed to visit a family friend. As usual, since we were near leaving, I called Grandma to see if all was well before our trip. Sometimes, this being one of those times, I called her home and she didn’t answer.

Because we live nearby, I walked over to her home, knocked on the door, and saw she was on the phone. As she opened the door, I overheard her say Aunt Carrie had passed away. My first reaction was one of heart stopping sickness. That emotion was soon blocked upon realizing, Mom was walking over.

Without saying a word, I raced back outside, met Mom in the driveway, and revealed the bad news. She, as expected, broke down. Yet, she was able to regain self-control before Grandma saw her. Canceling our plans, we all drove to Jackson, MS, where Aunt Carrie lived.

Arriving at her home, two of Aunt Carrie’s friends greeted us. Here, they explained that last week, she required a meeting with her circle of friends. Following this request, they met at their usual hang out. After everyone gathered, she gifted each individual an envelope of money, claiming this to be Christmas presents. From my understanding, everyone looked confused as this was unlike her.

When their story concluded, we also admitted a peculiarity. Last Thanksgiving, Aunt Carrie hung around longer than usual. Without speaking, but by using body language, she acted like she wanted to say something. Instead, she remained silent.

Once sharing our stories, we went to her bedroom, where her body had been found. I noticed near the bed, an opened bottle of alcohol and an ashtray full of cigarette butts. In the DVD player, she had a copy of “Sordid Lives,” a movie that we both admired. On the bed was a worn copy of the book “Kinflicks,” a dramedy about dysfunctional family. I remember thinking, when I die, I hope I go out like her – surrounded by elements that make me happy.

Aunt Carrie never wanted a funeral service or burial. Because of her wishes, we had no other choice but to view her prior to cremation. Leaving the scene, we drove to the funeral home, where we saw her final state of existence. After viewing the body, we ate at one of the pubs she frequented in her honor, then we returned home.

That night, we later gathered at my grandmother’s home. This was when an epiphany struck me. The song that I awoke to that day was a sign. I revealed this, which Mom and I considered it to be Aunt Carrie reaching out to us, letting us know she was okay. After all, this logic would make sense considering she had died the previous night.

That year, Christmas felt off kilter since Aunt Carrie always spent the holidays with us. Still, we kept her memory alive by continuing traditions. A few days later, still in mourning, I contemplated if I should go out for New Year’s Eve, or remain at home, sulking.

One night, between the two holidays, I had finished smoking Aunt Carrie’s Virginia Slims. Also, I polished off a near empty bottle of coffee liquor she had opened. That night I went to bed, and Aunt Carrie’s cat, which I adopted, joined me.

Early the next morning, I awoke on the couch. Sleepwalking was something I had never done before. Yet, here I was, laying in a different location than I fell asleep in. Before I could move, another epiphany struck, I had just awoken from a dream.

Focusing, I recalled the dream began with me in bed. In this vision, the smell of cigarette smoke from the living room awoke me. Getting up, I walked towards the smell and saw my Aunt Carrie and her cat laying on my couch. She was curled up, smoking, and reading a book. There was also her distinct smell, the perfume Liquid Diamonds. I wasn’t shocked, or afraid, when seeing her. Instead, I stood, watching her.

She looked up and said, “Come cuddle with me, Baby Cakes,” a name she always called me. Not questioning her, or speaking, I did what she said and fell asleep in her embrace.

After reminiscing of this dream and how real it felt, it provided me with enough peace to move on. I interpreted the vision as more than a dream. It was a reality I was able to tap into, something between the state of being coherent and asleep. A level of existence that found its way into my subconscious, allowing me to know Aunt Carrie was at peace.

I lay there, no longer crying for her, but for myself. These were tears of the realization that she had moved on and it was time I do the same.

At this point, the living has to realize their loved one has entered another plane of existence. In this stage of grief, we mourn for ourselves because we can’t be with our loved ones. This type of selfish mourning is normal and it’s nothing to feel guilty about. After all, it is healthy to grieve, but it’s not healthy to spend the rest of one’s life in grief. Humans know this and spirits know this, which is why, if they are able, they provide us signs of comfort.



Despite if one thinks they are imagining signs, or not, it is better to pay attention. This could grant peace to a spirit, or it could grant emotional support for oneself. Still, one may face dead ends before resolving issues, or interpreting the signs. If the spirit is able, and we are willing to listen, they will present signs, showing if they are at peace or not. From there, it is up to us to either assist in their wellbeing, or accept their departure.

Personally, I have always been attentive to dreams where deceased loved ones relay messages. Most times, these dreams have either improved my life or granted affective insight. Some may argue that if a spirit visits one’s dreams, it is a demon. My argument is there is no proof to support these spirits being demons.

My advice is to pay attention to dreams where deceased loved ones visit. In specificity, these should be loved ones who one knew in life. Never pay attention to dreams where strangers relay messages. The stranger could be a trickster posing as a helpful source.

If one has never operated an Ouija and would like to, please visit my blog on how to correctly operate an Ouija. In the past, I have experienced great success in referring to the Ouija for answers. Visit the link HERE.

A detailed tarot card blog might be in the future on how to work the cards. But for now, all one must know is tarot cards yield best results when gifted. With that said, one needs to browse tarot decks in advance to see what deck they feel connected to. Once experiencing that connection, they must ask for that deck to be gifted to them by a loved one.

If one wants to perform a paranormal investigation, visit my blog on conducting investigations. Visit the link HERE.

Side Notes

I am not responsible for how one interprets signs from their deceased loved ones.

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