Where Demons Dwell


Previously, I wrote a blog titled, “Ghost Hunting Investigation and Philosophy.” In that entry, I mentioned, “Angels and demons do have their place in our life and the afterlife. But, most of the time, it’s not in the old house down the street.” After stating that, I noted I would elaborate more in a later post. For those who have been waiting for me to explain myself, look no further.

To start, demonic hauntings differ from regular hauntings. Examples between the two are as follows. Standard hauntings regard spirits that were once human beings. A demonic haunting regards entities that never existed as human. Between these two differences, encountering a demon is slim to none. As a matter of fact, it is more common to encounter one’s guardian angel rather than a demonic entity. Yet, one should never dismiss demonic activity or investigate locations where negativity gathers.

Afterlife Possibilities


When we die, many possibilities can occur. Most times, our spirit will return to where it was its happiest, or it will continue into the great hereafter. It isn’t going to hang around somewhere saturated in sadness and torment.

Under some circumstances, it may have unfinished business. If this is the case, it will linger until that business is complete. Other times, it can experience a state of confusion and disorientation. If this is the case, it requires the assistance of the living to crossover.

Then there are the earthbound spirits. Some of which are afraid to crossover due to the actions they committed while alive. They stay behind in our world because they fear condemnation once crossing over. Because of this fear, the spirit persecutes itself in death. To ascend, this type of spirit requires forgiveness among the living. Sometimes, as the spirit remains in this state, its negativity can draw lower entities. This concept is but one minor ingredient that can create sour land.


The greatest ingredient to attract demons are establishments born to harbor negativity. Places can include, but are not limited to: asylums, prisons, hospitals, or cemeteries. If one considers it, the least amount of joy comes from these locations. Even if a human spirit does reside in one of these locations, I wouldn’t investigate. Establishments, like the ones above, are nothing more than cesspools for nonhuman entities.

Overall, nothing exists in cemeteries or abandoned hospitals and prisons, except leeching things. These are unclean spirits that have never lived in human form. What attracts them to these locations is the negative karma collected there. They feed on the sorrow, the hate, the repression, the anger, and they grow stronger from it. When one investigates these locations, they are asking for spiritual and physical trouble.

Home Types


Each home has its own history. With that history are skeletons, some of which are worse than others. Habitually, a haunted house shouldn’t pose any danger. Most homes don’t share lower vibrations like cemeteries, asylums, hospitals, or prisons. So, the typical haunted house hosts nothing more than human spirits.

Now, consider a home that was never an institution or a cemetery. It was built as a residence. But when that home garners a reputation of suicide and unmarked graves, the concept changes. Negative grounds, such as these, can harbor not only ghosts, but malevolent entities.

Physical EndangermentHOSPITAL

One of the many haunted attractions in my hometown is an abandoned hospital. In the passing years, it has been infamous for investigations. Granted, these investigations are ones that individuals don’t pay for. Nor are they investigations welcomed by the city. Still, a group of ghost hunters searched the hospital, despite its many dangers. Inside, they stumbled upon the disposed body of an elderly woman. They found her, not only raped, but murdered.

This is but one example of the dangers one may find when intruding somewhere they don’t belong. One must realize when a place is abandoned and deemed unsafe, there is a reason. It’s not that the owner of that location wants to neglect tourists, or locals, from having a good time. It’s the possibility that if one enters an abandoned location, it could result in injury or death. Such as the investigators who found the dead body, I can only assume luck was on their side. Under other circumstances, their fate could have been much worse.

Spiritual Endangerment


Physical endangerment aside, there is a spiritual risk when investigating negative grounds. These dangers can occur in two instances.

One, the entity can follow you home from the location as an attachment. No matter what haunted property I visit, I always depart telling the entities they can’t follow me home.

Two, this second possibility is rare, but it can happen. Worse than an attachment, the negative entity can possess the investigator. This can lead to long term damages.

The House


There exists a house in my hometown that I refuse to set foot in again. The location, a beautiful antebellum home nestled in a cul du sac. Its historic grandeur modernized by a contemporary courtyard and chapel. Although in a crime riddled neighborhood, the innkeepers joked no one ever trespassed. Their reasoning was their haunted reputation kept the thugs away.

By first appearance, the home didn’t seem intimidating. It seemed like an ideal place to unwind with a mint julep and a cigarette as the day wound down. Yet, once night fell, this establishment acquired a more brooding vibe. It felt like a forgotten landmark that fell under a threatening shadow. One that weighed heavy with danger and desolation.

The purpose for being here wasn’t only to investigate. A few months prior, an author friend and I decided to film a paranormal documentary. After we found a haunted location, we reached out to local paranormal investigators. Once everything was in order, we were ready to begin.

During this time, we were aware of the many tragic events that occurred at the location. Besides typical deaths that would befall any family, the home endured the siege of Vicksburg; a time when not an inch of the city was without starvation, neglect, and death. Much like other antebellum homes, this property saw its share of bloodshed.

Since the turn of the twentieth century, homeowners came and went. Each decade left its mark on the house, granting it repairs and renovations. As modern life progressed, an additional building became erected on the property. At some point, this new addition morphed into a garage. Later, one of the many owners would commit suicide within the structure. His reason for taking his life remains a mystery.

Years passed and the garage underwent a remodel. After it transformed into a chapel, it would host weddings, reunions, and banquets. Around the millennium, new innkeepers were landscaping near the structure. Amidst their work, one of them stumbled upon an adult skeleton.

Shocked and confused, they called local authority and had the remains investigated. Later, results claimed their discovery was Civil War related. As an act of good will, they had the bones returned to their resting place.

Our Project


When we began filming, the plan was to record a non-scripted movie that detailed our weekend. Throughout the day, we recorded interviews and documented history on the home. At night, we investigated. Our methods included: E.V.P., flashlight manipulation, spirit photography, and EMF readings. The response we received among these methods was favorable.

At night, in the courtyard, apparitions of a ghost child appeared. Inside the chapel and lodging quarters, the flashlight communicated. It provided one flash for “yes,” two for “no.” Throughout, orbs appeared in digital photos, and the EMF reacted to sensitive areas. Disembodied whispers sounded on the E.V.P. recording. All of which seemed harmless and human.

While investigating, we received two negative verbal replies. One was an E.V.P. from a male spirit who wasn’t fond that a member of our group was Native American. Another E.V.P. spoke in a whisper, calling me a liar.

After that weekend, the directors of the movie destroyed our intent of the film in editing. Due to a mutual agreement, we terminated the project. As our movie fell into celluloid limbo, the establishment’s innkeepers remained graceful. Weeks later, I found myself on the property again.

This time, my reasoning regarded a charity benefit. The concept was, since the house was proven haunted, we would host a paid investigation. The proceeds of which would assist the local child abuse prevention center. Again, the innkeepers opened their doors to us.


My last night on this property was in late October, the night of the benefit. That evening, the property received over thirty guests, not including ourselves and Mom. Because of the successful turn out, investigators divided the crowd. As half went to investigate inside the chapel, my group entered the home. After an hour, the two groups would swap locations. This would allow everyone to experience the entire property.

Inside the main quarters, a ghost box answered questions through a field of white noise. Temperatures changed and the flashlight flickered by paranormal manipulation. Nothing more materialized. Once the hour concluded, our groups rotated location.

After another hour, we exited the chapel and stood on the courtyard. As we conversed, an acquaintance, who is an aura reader, noted she suffered a migraine. Alongside her discomfort, she felt weak and nauseated. These ailments weren’t relieved until she stepped off the property. Judging her reactions, this indicated something other than human spirits dwelled there.

Once the sickness passed, we listened to the E.V.P. recording she gained from inside the chapel. Focusing, we heard typical sounds birthed from our group, voice tags included. However, moments later, something disembodied spoke.

“GET OUT,” it belched, its vocals absent of humanistic qualities. Its voice sounded like a mixture of an animal tainted by something thick and sandpapery. It was hair raising. Bloodcurdling. Evil. Never had I heard such a nightmarish sound before.

Without the desire to continue, my night ended. To this day, I don’t know for sure what we contacted that evening. I only know I never want to subject myself to its presence again.

Still, I believe the speaker on the E.V.P was demonic. If the illness and off kilter feelings the aura reader experienced didn’t prove this, the voice did. There could be many reasons why this evil roams the property. I blame the property’s bloody history and the unmarked grave.

Sometimes, It Follows


Years passed and I avoided that property until one spring night. That evening, Mom, a friend, and myself attended another friend’s wedding in downtown. Once the reception ended, the three of us spoke about ghosts. I joked, “The entire city of Vicksburg is haunted.” Although this sounds humorous, it’s true.

As we traded stories, Mom spoke about our experience from that one fateful night. Back when we stood outside the chapel and listened to devilish vocals speak through an E.V.P. recording. After Mom’s elaboration, our friend grew intrigued to see the property. Against my better judgement, Mom offered to escort her onto the land.

Opposing their excursion plans, I urged otherwise. Despite my warning, and how I didn’t want to accompany them, I was stuck in a predicament. Being their ride for the night, I had no other choice but to play chauffeur. Nonetheless, I found myself driving to the place that I vowed to never return.

When we eased alongside the location, an immediate chill ravished me. Parking on the curve, across from the property, I decided to go no further. While Mom and our friend strolled about, I remained standing at the car. To ensure safety, I prayed to Saint Michael.

For a half hour, they explored as I prayed. What I found interesting, may it be due to coincidence or an enraged entity, the weather shifted. The night, already humid with the promise of storm, began to roll thunder. Next, came a downpour that returned me inside the vehicle and sent Mom and our friend running for cover.

Once they joined me, I joked, “See, that’s the spirits not wanting you there.”

We drove away and the storm concluded a few blocks later. After dropping off our friend, Mom and I had an errand to run before returning home. At our destination, Mom received a call. Not wanting to wait, I explained that I would go inside, purchase what I needed, then we would leave.

I was inside the business but a few minutes when I heard a car alarm sound from outside. Since the store provided windows that overlooked the parking lot, I saw something triggered my car. Odd considering I never set an alarm. Thinking nothing more of it, I figured Mom would deactivate the noise. Instead, she called me, asking that I come out, turn off the alarm and let her out of the car, as she claimed to be locked inside. Again, odd considering there aren’t childproof locks on the doors. Immediately, my mind returned to her exploring the haunted location.

I walked outside and pressed the button on my keyring that deactivated the alarm. Next, I pressed the button that would release the locks from their placement.

As Mom exited the car, I approached her and explained she needed to say a protection prayer. This was something she hadn’t done when entering, or exiting, the haunted grounds. Furthermore, when leaving, she didn’t tell the spirits they couldn’t follow. Because of our forgetfulness, some negative attachment was to blame for the current disturbance.

In the parking lot, we prayed for safety. Also, we added if anything did attach itself to us that it needed to return to where it came. After praying, we experienced no future problems.

The Voice Returns

Later that year, my partner, Kerry moved in with me. Over the matter of a few months, we fell into a routine. To wind down before bed, we entertain ourselves with paranormal shows. Overall, I don’t invest faith in television, especially if it regards aliens or spirits. Kerry is much the same in this standard.

One night, we were watching a paranormal show. In this particular episode, a lady spoke about a demonic presence haunting her. Although, I take these shows with a grain of salt, this person’s story didn’t sound farfetched. Instead, she explained the demon affected her physical and mental wellbeing. Compared to my past experiences, I felt like she wasn’t lying. As we watched, I noted to Kerry that her story sounded accurate.

Next, the speaker provided evidence of what caused her torment. To my surprise, the presented evidence was an E.V.P. recording. After hearing the documented voice, my eyes widened. The vocals were identical to the E.V.P. we obtained years ago during our investigation. The one that belched, “GET OUT!”

Goosebumps blanked my skin. Shaken, I blurted, “That’s the exact same voice I heard before.” To be certain I wasn’t overreacting, I rewound the footage and played it again. Listening a second time, I concentrated. Without a doubt, the E.V.P. provided the same muddied mixture of rough, animalistic vocals. Like before, the voice was hair raising. Bloodcurdling. Evil.

Today, I still refuse to return to that property. At times, when it can’t be avoided, I drive by its location. In the day, it remains a welcoming establishment, ideal for lodging. At night, shadows continue to transform its structure into a brooding landmark.


My philosophy is no matter how protected one might be, there are no guarantees that one is 100% safe. Unless one is a professional with the power to perform exorcisms, leave these areas alone.

Yes, some of these locations may house one or two human spirits, but the risk isn’t worth finding out.

Side Notes:

I am not responsible for anyone who investigates an abandoned institution or cemetery. My advice is to leave these areas alone and to not disturb the entities that might dwell there.

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Each link will grant deeper insight into what I discussed in this entry.

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