Earthbound Spirits


In last month’s entry, I spoke about what a spirit will do once it departs the body. It will either return to where it was happiest, pass on into the hereafter, or it will stay earthbound. Although I touched on the subject, that entry focused on locations that harbored demons. For those curious about earthbound spirits, this entry can provide a greater understanding.

Below, I have listed some tips on how one can assist a spirit in crossing over. Though there are different methods, this post will give the gist of what to do. Also, I will elaborate on what might happen if one refuses to help the spirit that is in need.

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Earthbound Spirit Types

I believe earthbound spirits can fall under three categorizations.

1. The spirit who is afraid to crossover due to judgement. If fear is why the spirit is earthbound, there could be many reasons to justify its refusal to ascend. Most times, this type of limbo is because the spirit has committed a downfall in life; one that goes against their spiritual upbringing. This could be anything as minor as sexuality to something as extreme as suicide or murder.

2. The spirit with unfinished business. Sometimes, the spirit is unable to crossover due to unfinished business. This can be because of loved ones needing their assistance to unknown information.

3. The confused spirit. Confusion could occur because they don’t realize they’re dead. Or, now that they are dead, they might not know what to do next.

Assisting the Spirit Types

In spirit communication, it is always wise to ask if the spirit is happy, if it is earthbound, or if it is visiting. If it is happy or visiting, it is already content. However, if the spirit states it is earthbound one must achieve the following:

If the spirit is willing to communicate, learn its name and why it is earthbound.

1. The spirit who is afraid to cross over due to judgement. No matter why the spirit is afraid to crossover, it is not our place to judge. Rather it is best to counsel them. Urge they can achieve peace and redemption upon crossing over. Due to them staying behind, they have already shown remorse. They depend on prayers among the living to help them ascend.

2. The spirit with unfinished business. Under this circumstance, the spirit may require help completing incomplete tasks. Unfinished business can regard information, or one’s own wellbeing. After completing their tasks, most times they will crossover by their own accord.

3. The confused spirit. For this type of spirit, one must explain that the spirit has departed from its body and it needs to ascend.

If the spirit won’t communicate, helping them crossover could become difficult. If one lacks a name, or reason why the spirit is earthbound, they will have to be vague when assisting.

Example: One can note, “You have passed away and if you are unhappy here, you must crossover. If you are afraid to crossover due to a sin, know that if you are repentant, you can still achieve peace in the afterlife. There is no reason to be afraid. If you have unfinished business, I can’t help you, unless you give me a sign of what that unfinished business is.”


Under all three circumstances, these tips can help.

1. Lighting a white candle. White candles are all purpose and release positivity. Also, the white candle can pose as a symbolic visual for the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes, this is necessary for spirits who need visual assistance.

2. Lighting a black candle. Black candles can remove negativity and can help burn away restraining elements. Sometimes, burning a black candle with a white candle is beneficial. Burned together, this will release positivity and burn away negativity.

3. Asking the spirit realm for assistance. One can call on saints, angels, or relative spirits for guidance. If one invokes another spiritual entity, be specific on what one requires.

4. Burn Sage. Sage can clear away negativity and work as a good spiritual cleansing agent.

Coaxing an earthbound spirit to crossover will take time and multiple attempts. Such as with visiting a therapist, resolving the situation won’t occur after one session. Whenever the spirit is confident enough, or able to depart, it will.

Abusing the Spirits

Refusing to help a spirit crossover is not only unethical, it seems cruelhearted. It’s no different than an emergency dispatcher denying the caller assistance. One may question how, or why, an individual has the power to keep a spirit earthbound. The answer to both are simple.

1. One can keep a spirit earthbound by refusing to help them crossover.

2. A tactic for the spirit who is afraid to crossover due to moral downfalls is to feed their fear of damnation.

3. For a spirit with unfinished business, one can attempt to prevent that business. In regards to the confused spirit, all one must do is not counsel them in departing from this world.

Why would someone restrain spirits?

1. Sometimes, the individual feels like the spirits empower them. This is no different than a depressed person leeching onto others for emotional gain.

2. Other times, individuals feel like they own the spirits. This happens when one believes they own everything on their property, ghosts included.

3. In most cases, seedy persons will refuse help to gain attention and money for their property.

No matter the purpose for restraining a spirit, it all boils down to personal gain for the living.


While one might not see the harm in being a spiritual bully, there are consequences. The greatest danger is that the spirit will fall into a deeper emotional rut. This can influence: oppression, anxiety, and anger among the deceased and living. These emotions spawn low vibrations.

In turn, these low vibrations can attract malevolent entities onto the property. If this occurs, not only is the repressed spirit at risk for attack, but the living is also at risk. Other times, if the spirit becomes tired enough of restraint, it can lash out at those on the property.


The House

Separated from society and neighbors, there is an attraction in the Mississippi backwoods. Going there, one must snake through gravel roads, their width not adequate to accommodate two passing vehicles. Surrounded by fields, greenery, and wildlife, there sits a home. Every October it becomes a themed haunted house. Aged over a hundred years, this weathered farmhouse is wood structured with a tin roof. Due to its upkeep, the residence omits a natural foreboding vibe. Yet, nothing on that property poses a threat, except the homeowner.

I learned about this attraction a few Octobers ago through some friends who worked there. Wanting to get into the spirit of the season, I waited until a weekend near Halloween. At dusk, I grabbed a friend, and we drove into the middle of nowhere for a few cheap thrills. Once there, we paid our fee and stood in a line that stretched from the front door to the road. After waiting, a guide walked us through the dilapidated home. Once out its backdoor, we entered a trail that wound deeper into the woods. When finished, we decided the amusement was suitable for younger ages. Nonetheless, we went to see what our friends accomplished. Sadly, we visited on a night when neither friend worked.

The Haunted House is Haunted

Days later, Zqueen and I talked about the location and the work she accomplished when on duty. Being that she is a skilled makeup artist, I expressed my regret for missing her art. We made small talk about the attraction then she asked, “You know the house is really haunted, right?”

Actually, I didn’t know that. When I went to the attraction, I didn’t go there with myself open to receive paranormal signs or activity. I visited to have fun. Upon admitting this, and trusting her as a person who is always honest, I asked what she experienced.

She explained she didn’t feel anything evil or negative on the property. Instead, the spirits seemed playful. Once, an entity knocked her hood off. Also, she added that a mutual friend felt spirits tugging on his clothes. I explained if nothing felt threatening, then the spirits probably hung around because they adore the land.

The Proposition

Months passed and I received a message via social media from the property owner. She was curious if Zqueen and I wanted to be guest investigators for a live feed ghost hunt. The investigation would occur at her home, which served as the themed haunted attraction.

Despite the proposition feeling exploitative, I told her I would debate it. Next, I contacted Zqueen and asked her opinion. Since she never partook in a paranormal investigation, she said she would do it if I agreed.

Replying to the homeowner, I established some ground rules. Due to past conflicts with other groups, I explained I did not want the spirits provoked in a negative way. Second, I stated that my investigational equipment remain with me.

In response, she explained I could keep my equipment and she guaranteed no one ever provoked the spirits. Feeling comfortable, I consented to investigate.



On Friday, April 28, 2017, Zqueen, Kerry, Mom and I arrived on the property approximately 9PM. Once parked, the homeowner and her family greeted us. After brief small talk and introductions, we walked inside her home and the live feed began. Prior to starting the investigation, my team and I protected ourselves. For those who requested it, I anointed their forehead with holy oil. Next, we opened a protective bubble that would guard against negative entities. Last, to increase our safety, we prayed the Lord’s Prayer.

The first room we investigated appeared to have once been a nursery. Upon entering, I received a tingling sensation. In this room, we communicated by an EMF Meter, a pendulum, and ghost box with an entity named, Thomas. To confirm Thomas existed, we requested he manipulate the EMF Meter. Our specific request was that his energy illuminate the EMF’s light scale to yellow. By little coaxing, Thomas was able to perform the task.

For a half hour, we stood. The walls presented vibrations to the touch. Cool drafts blew where air didn’t circulate. The pendulum swung in response to a spirit being present. By ghost box manipulation, Thomas spoke. The answers that he relayed, which I hold creditable, are those that everyone heard. Other answers I hold creditable are the accurate ones he provided to our test questions.

Opposing my methods, I disagreed with one tactic the homeowner used. This was how she spoke what she believed the ghost box said before anyone else could make a mental note. Perhaps she did this because she hosted a live feed? Perhaps this was to provide suggestive thought to viewers after namedropping her business?

Regardless of technique, I am confident we contacted an entity named, “Thomas.” With evidence obtained, the homeowner suggested we would experience more activity outside. Seeing that she was eager to explore elsewhere, I thanked Thomas for communicating and I invited him to accompany us throughout the property.

Exiting the home, who we believe was Thomas continued communicating by the EMF Meter. From here, our group spilt into twos. While we went to an old well in the front yard, two of the team members, belonging to the homeowner, explored the backyard. To our disappointment, the further we walked, the least activity we received.

For a half hour, we waited near the old well for signs from beyond the grave. Nothing happened. When being outside seemed unbeneficial, the team members radioed us from their positioning. They claimed spirits were active in the backyard. However, when we arrived at their location, activity ceased.

When we reentered the house, we moved into the kitchen and sat at a table where we intended to reconnect with Thomas. As luck would have it, we succeeded. During our conversation, Thomas requested an offering of whiskey and flowers, which the homeowner agreed to supply. I asked what kind of whiskey he preferred. The first thought that entered my mind was Jack Daniel’s, so I asked if he wanted bourbon.

In a man’s voice, the ghost box answered, “Why not?”

After his rhetorical question, Thomas departed from our investigation.


The Doll

Once Thomas left, a worrisome urge overcame me. This gut instinct didn’t indicate anyone was in danger. Rather, it was a feeling that enticed me to ask if any spirits needed help. Being a person who trusts my gut instincts, I asked if any spirits required assistance. Following my question, a team member’s device replied, “Help me.” To confirm this response, I asked again and my pendulum signaled, “yes” with its swing. Although I expected the ghost box to continue communication, it morphed into nothing but static and choppy syllables and phrases.

We listened close, trying to decipher any fragment from the transmitted chaos. Interrupting the distortion, the ghost box blurted, “Doll!”

A different voice manipulated its frequency, saying, “Check point.”

The homeowner mentioned “Check point” didn’t surprise her. After all, a battlefield was six miles away where check points had been plentiful during the Civil War.

Seeing that multiple spirits were communicating, we asked how many spirits were with us. In regards to our question, the ghost box couldn’t settle on a specific number. One time it said, “Fifty.” Next, it blurted, “One hundred and fifty. Divided.”

A female investigator asked if the communicating spirit had a name. She asked this a few times, until the ghost box answered, “Element.”

A second after this reply, I saw a few bright flashes from the corner of my eye from the homeowner’s bedroom. Not long after, the ghost box noted there were children present and one wanted to speak. I asked for a name. There was silence. I asked how many kids were present. There was silence.

Not responding to any of my questions, the ghost box repeated its earlier request, “Doll.”

I asked the living if there were any dolls available within the home, to which the homeowner reminded me of the dolls in the first room we investigated. I asked, “Is there a doll in the front room you want to play with?” Again, silence.

I debated, trying to recall the dolls in that room, and I remembered seeing a Raggedy Anne doll. Due to time period, I considered this vintage toy might suffice. Working on gut instinct alone, I went into the front room, fetched the doll, returned, and centered it on the kitchen table.

Upon my return, a text device used by a team member of the homeowner, spelled out, “Lily.”

We asked if the spirit’s name was Lily and there was no reply. My gut instinct suggested the reply wasn’t referencing a human name. Due to the time of year and spiritual significance, I asked if the spirit wanted Easter Lilies. The ghost box said, “Alright.” Next, it said, “Hug.”

I offered if the spirit wanted to hug me, it could. I wouldn’t hurt it. After me allowing this interaction, I felt a light presence embrace me. The aftermath was a wavy feeling equal to a drunken buzz.

A team member asked, if we were speaking with a different spirit now. The ghost box confirmed, “Yes.” Throughout our interactions, the EMF Meter sat beside the doll. During this time span, its color scale remained active. On occasion, the spirit’s energy lit the EMF color scale up to the final light. This confirmed that a supernatural energy surrounded the doll.

A message on the text device appeared, saying, “Worried.”

The ghost box requested, “Help.”

Attempted Possession

Following the distress message, we stepped outside for fresh air. Gathered around, I explained we should help a few of the spirits who may need to crossover. To this statement, the homeowner was quick to respond otherwise. In her opinion, the spirits were happy here and they would help them crossover, if they needed it.

I thought to myself, But they do need it. They have asked for help multiple times.

Disappointed, I felt the homeowner was being selfish. But considering her team outnumbered my own, and we were on their territory, I didn’t argue. Still, I disagreed. Because of her response, I assumed she was trying to restrain the spirits against their will. Maybe this is because she was a smothering type? Or maybe she considered actual ghosts to be a good financial asset to her attraction?

Although she ignored the spirits plea, I had a trick up my sleeve. Times before, I used a method that allows me to enter a trancelike state. Most times, I use this during meditation, ancestral worship, and prayer. Utilizing this tactic tonight would allow me to gain a mental connection with the spirit. One that would allow me to relax and assist the spirit through telepathy.

We reentered the home and returned to our placement at the table. Once settled, I took a deep breath and laid my hands palm down on the tabletop. I relaxed and started an inaudible whisper. During my invoking, I knew the possibilities and dangers that might occur. So this was a slippery slope I was on. It was one where I would need to be in a twilight state that would allow me to make decisions while allowing the spirits to influence my thought. To ensure my safety, I invoked my guardian angel, Saint Raphael, for assistance.

Seconds later, the wavy feeling that I earlier experienced returned. I could tell by emotion and touch that the same spirit that hugged me before was hugging me again. I remain uncertain if it was male or female, but it felt melancholy and it was in need of comfort. I continued thinking, What is your name, but a name was never revealed. If I had a name, I could mentally instruct the spirit how to resolve its worry.

I grew tired by the state I placed myself in. Although I was still alert, my body fell limp. Team members would later note that my eyes were unblinking and wide during this exercise. The wavy feeling strengthened. I became more relaxed as a drunken euphoria eased me into sleep.

I experienced this reaction before when meditating at home. For me, meditating at home isn’t a worry. I say this because my home is safeguarded and I’m familiar with the spirits there. Being accustomed to the reaction, I understood I was excelling beyond the twilight state and I was soon to enter full sleep mode. If this happened, I would risk blacking out, which could allow possession.

Despite this spirit didn’t feel evil, I felt sorry for it, and I wanted to help it, I couldn’t risk my own wellbeing. I released a loud sigh, breaking myself out of the trance. People asked if I was okay. I said, “Yes, I just need to step outside.”

Once outside, I explained that it felt like an entity was trying to takeover. The more I explained, the more exhausted I felt, despite the bubble around me. Suddenly, it felt like I had been awake for the last 24 hours and I was soon to crash.

Although team members wanted us to investigate further, I explained I was done for the night. I said, “My energy is gone, my protective bubble isn’t strong because I let my guard down, and I’m ready to go home and go to sleep.” Everyone replied that they understood, but the homeowner said there was one last thing she wanted me to investigate.


The Lily and the Vortex

The homeowner explained, she wanted me to explore the living room and see if I could sense anything. Personally, I didn’t feel like doing so, but I agreed and noted I wanted to do it alone. For what it was worth, I hoped to use the opportunity in solitude to encourage, “If any spirits needed to crossover, they can do so.” Unfortunately, the homeowner wanted her son to accompany me, which hindered my plans.

Upon our walking into the living room, I was drawn to the front, right corner, near an old couch. Without second thought, I went to that corner, closed my eyes, opened my mind, and waited. Trying to be receptive, I discovered the longer I stood there, the more peaceful I felt. Also, to my surprise, my energy began to strengthen.

In my mind’s eye, I saw a field of blackness. I took a deep breath and focused my attention. Breathing out, a symbol flashed into my thoughts. At first, I wasn’t certain what the image was until I identified it as a bud. Studying the potential flower, I noticed its section nearest the receptacle appeared to be a deep orange color. Without expectation, the bud began to open. As it blossomed, its petals extended outward, its deep orange fading up the scale from dark to light.

From behind, I heard a sound that reminded me of someone throwing a pebble at a window. Startled and distracted, I opened my eyes to see my pendulum I held rotated in a clockwise direction. Feeling like I accomplished what the homeowner expected of me, I said I was finished.

Returning outside, I explained the vision I received and where I stood in the living room. The homeowner asked if I were psychic.

I explained, “I don’t claim to be.”

After I replied, she activated her phone and began a search. Once she completed searching, she turned the phone’s screen to face me. The image that she found was the exact flower I described. She asked, “Is this the flower you saw?”

I answered it was and she confirmed it was a lily.

To justify the lily’s significance, she explained, a long time ago, a loved one had planted lilies nearby. Although these flowers used to return every spring, they had stopped growing years ago. Furthermore, she said the person who planted them had passed on. Previously, she suspected this individual visited their location in spirit form.

As for my positioning in the living room, the homeowner shared her thoughts. Times before, she felt attracted to the spot where I had stood. In the past, when she stood there, using her pendulum, the tool would vibrate. She reasoned because of how her pendulum reacted, she believed that corner to be a vortex.



When my crew left the property, a few of us believed the homeowner kept spirits against their will. At the end of the night, I felt some spirits were happy where others wanted to crossover. Due to no one helping them, the chances of them ascending were slim to none.

After the live feed circulated, a publisher who I no longer work with, saw the footage. Since his publishing house was in a crunch, he wanted to film a paranormal documentary at the house. Included with his plan, he wanted to make the documentary comedic. Already, this felt wrong. I didn’t care about making a comedic documentary about ghosts. That subject shouldn’t be made lite of to start with.

I explained, I didn’t want to disrespect the spirits and I wasn’t going to. He reasoned, Zqueen and I just had to be ourselves, people would love it, and it would increase my book sales. My toes curled. More exploitation. I could care less about the amount of sales my books generated under this circumstance.

Then I had an epiphany. If I could return to the property, I might could gain alone time. In solitude, I could help the spirits that wanted to crossover. If doing a documentary could grant me this opportunity, so be it.

I explained to him, “Okay, but we aren’t going to disrespect the spirits.” I stressed this because he’s a skeptic. With ground rules set, I introduced him to the homeowner. Due to them being unable to devise a workable schedule, the project never began.

Side Notes:

This circumstance remains a cold case as I no longer converse with the homeowner. Due to her actions, I have no interest in future correspondence. I’m not sure if she has begun experiencing negative spiritual attacks yet, or not. Nor am I sure if she had a change of heart. I will probably never know the answer to either. I can only hope, she is doing the right thing.

Below are some previous entries I have written that can grant readers helpful tips.




I am not responsible for anyone’s actions in regards to this entry.

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